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Why do I do what I do?

Mainly because it's fun!
I enjoy learning about new problems, figuring out the solution and helping others to achieve their goals and potential. Working as an entrepreneur and consultant gives me a platform to keep learning and growing. 


About Me

  • Built a business that is making over €50M revenues and employs over 200 people

  • Serial Entrepreneur, founded 3 companies in Europe and East Asia

  • Experienced in leading international teams from early to growth phase (up to 200 people)

  • Ex-McKinsey, served multinational clients across Europe in various sectors

  • Fluency in 5 languages German, English, Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese

About Me

How I can help you



One of the most daunting and nerve wrecking tasks for an entrepreneur or leader is to fundraise. I have raised over €30M in my career, from Seed to Series B round and from equity, over state subsidies to venture debt. I can help you end to end with the whole process including fundraising strategy, pitch deck, financial modelling, due dilligence and negotiations.



I have helped create strategies for multinationals to midsize companies as a McKinsey Consultant, but also executed my own strategies in the 3 companies I have created. Thus, I am well aware of the mismatch of top-down planning vs on the ground execution. Great strategies are not just a plan, it’s a process involving all relevant people and their expertise, setting realistic goals that are validated bottom up and continuous monitoring and steering.


Professional Growth _edited.jpg

Congratulations, you have achieved product-market-fit and are growing like crazy. Everything is happening so fast that problems in your organization will only get to your attention very late because the leadership team is stretched thin with trying to keep pace with the growth in daily operations. I have been there, and in hindsight, I should have given important topics like automation, organizational structure, processes, culture, BI, controlling etc. higher priority and approached them in a more systematic way. I am happy to help you with my lessons learned


Success Stories

Kachun has been my business advisor for 1.5 years and joined my team right when my company went through a pivot. Kachun was very hands-on to advise with the change of direction. We created a new pitch deck, financial model, business strategy and regulatory plan, and closed a six figure angel round in under five weeks. He has helped create a solid foundation for my business through introductions to key business partners and supporters. I always feel comfortable asking for his advice when making difficult decisions and appreciate that he can speak from experience when suggesting ways to handle different business situations.

Nina Patrick, Founder MiProbes & Newcomer of the Year '21 German Startup Awards



Image by Alex Knight

In our fast-changing world, it’s hard for every business to keep up with the latest technology. That created a vacuum that I have leveraged with 3 of my businesses to disrupt the furniture, fashion and financial media industry. I am eager to learn about the challenges of your industry and apply my learnings to help your organization become an innovation leader in the future

Business Model

Image by John Schnobrich

Creating a new business model can be overwhelming, there are too many uncertainties and it’s hard to strike a balance between overanalyzing and thoughtless execution. The truth is there has not been a single successful business plan that hasn’t evolved over time. The key to success is to fail, learn, improve fast. I can help you in the initial planning, avoid common mistakes that I paid for dearly in my own past and help you set up a roadmap to quickly validate and evolve your business model while being as lean as possible.


Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Being an entrepreneur means rising to new challenges every day. Sometimes those challenges are overwhelming because you don’t have the experience or you are too deep in the problem and can’t take a fresh perspective. I can support you as a sounding board and thought partner, give you a new perspective and share my own experience or work with you on your leadership skills.

My Interests

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Learning and personal development

Social Causes: Health, Environment & Racism

Food & Agriculturral Innovation


Selected Speaking Engagements

  • K5 Future Retail Conference 2019 
    Presentation: Leveraging Product Customization to Increase Customer Engagement

  • IMM Cologne 2019 International Furniture and Interiors Fair
    Presentation: Fast Delivery of Personalized Furniture Intelligent Supply Chain Processes

  • DEGUT Berlin Founder and Entrepreneur Fair 2018 
    Fireside Chat on Entrepreneurship and Success Factors in Building a Business

  • rbb Forum (Radio Berlin) 2017
    Podium Discussion: Startups in Germany: Revolutionary and beneficial?!

  • Living & Home Berlin 2016
    Presentation: Making Customization the New Normal – Disrupting the Furniture Industry


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